~ About us ~

We believe in working with accredited farmers

Bee’s Tiny Market is local grocery store In the Northeast area of Philadelphia. Our mission is to provide immediate access to fresh and healthy foods and cultivate a culture of health wellness and community. We sell fresh produce and grocery, prepared prepackaged meals and local Philadelphia brands.
Why Fresh?
We believe that limiting processed foods from your diet helps prevent diseases caused by food.
Quality Produce
We get produce directly from the local farms in PA and surrounding areas.
~ Products ~

We offer conventional and organic products

Return Policy
Products can be exchanged for a fresh version of the item received, within 14 days of purchase with receipt
Farm Fresh boxes and Meal kits available for pick up
Meal kits & Conventional and Organic Farm fresh Boxes are assembled for your convenience! Order by Wednesday pick up by Friday!
100% Fresh
We purchase from select local family farmers to ensure quality products
Secured Payment
Secure payments are processed through Square
~ Why Choose us? ~

We limit our purchase of open market and traded items

Bee’s Tiny Market is very passionate about Philadelphia, its local vendors and businesses. We prioritize those businesses first before outsourcing to larger companies.

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